This work has been done by Zardozi Dapka Embroidery. It has worked with red silk thread, Kasab pearl, golden pot has also been worked. This is the famous of Farrukhabad  City. This is the work of the big designers of Zardozi who make the dress. This is the work. This work is done by hand.AnContinue reading “Best ZARDOZI EMBROIDREY In Farrukhabad”

What is Zardozi Embroidery | Zardozi House

Zardozi or Zar-douzi, also Zardosi Persian زَردوزی, Arebic خرير الماء, HINDI: ज़रदोज़ी, Urdu زَردوزی,  Turkish: Ters örgü), work is a type of embroidary in Iran,Iraq,,Kuwait, Syria,Turkey, Central Asia,India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Zardozi comes from two Persian words:zar or zarin meaning ‘gold’, and dozi meaning ‘sewing’.Zardozi is a type of heavy and elaborate metal embroidery on a silk, satin, or velvet fabric base. Designs are often created using gold and silver threads and can incorporate pearls,Continue reading “What is Zardozi Embroidery | Zardozi House”

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The zardozi house gives you our best low price zardozi lehenga, designer dresses, Mirror work embellishment, Resham touching, thread work, traditional dapka work, pot, cutdana, and all types of fully hand made work at very low and cheap prices. Welcome to Zardozi house give us an opportunity to bring you our latest, best and uniqueContinue reading “BEST ZARDOZI LEHENGA In LOW PRICE At Farrukhabad”